Because, Ai Designs are the complete Jewellery designer specialists! We cover all aspects of the design process. Our designs take into consideration; the shape design, fitting, setting, weight, lustre, etc. In addition to this we offer the most popular Bridal collections from Japan to the world!

Our catalogues include large quantities of precious jewellery design orders from Japan. We produce designs that are created by hand drawing and also jewel cad for diamond dealers and colour gem stone jewellery wholesalers every month. We also produce unique designs from individual customers.

Did you know that 18 ct white gold is actually light yellow in colour? Have you ever seen this light yellow colour in any white gold rings at any jewellery shop? The answer is 'No'. Why?

Because, 18 ct white gold is made up of 75% pure gold the other 25% is made up with different materials. The materials used depend on the company or country and all use different formulas and usually 18ct white gold ends up becoming a light yellow colour with time.

All white gold metal is rhodium plated and this produces a beautiful silver colour that is known as platinum. However a ring's daily use, will eventually lead it to loose its plating and as the years go by, it will change to a light yellow colour metal.

Ai Designs is handling the latest Japanese technology for 18 ct White gold that includes a platinum formula that does not need to be plated and will never change its colour. The Ai Designs Bridal collections jewellery will retail its original colour for the rest of your life.

Ai Designs also handles 18 ct Yellow gold, 18 ct Pink gold and Platinum materials.