At Ai Designs we create precious and semiprecious stones jewellery to taste of the individual client for an original design "Only One" We also produce repeatable commercial designs for our wholesale clients. We would like to explain how to we create custom order. Should you have any question please click here!

Step 1.

Please let us know your rough budget or desired jewellery category. For example, I would like to remodel this sapphire ring to a pendant in 18ct white gold. I would like it to be simple but something unique and original etc… You can simply send us e-mail!

Step 2.

Our international jewellery designer will prepare a few design drawings for you in the finished products sizes. Also, we can give you an estimate of the cost and you can compare our competitive prices.

Step 3.

If you are happy with one of our designs; then we can create the same design in 3D! We will use "Jewellery CAD" so you can see the design from every angle. Of course; should you wish to change the design for example by making the ring band thicker or seeing the design with or without diamonds etc… we can show you as well.

Step 4.

Did you like the 3D images? OK, so now we can give you an exact quote based on the 3D (CAD data) image that we created and can now produce the exact same item mould. Then a very experienced Japanese goldsmith will produce you exclusive "Only One" Jewellery. Guaranteeing great quality and value! The finished product will be the exact same size as the 3D CAD image. Except that it will much better looking, because it is the real gem!


Customer comments for the Platinum and pink gold Diamond ring
"This piece was the first full-order jewellery and the process, the service and the outcome were absolute pleasure. Firstly my ideas were sent on dot points via email and after a couple more emails to discuss in close details and one through lunch time catch up, I received the design artwork which was exactly as I imagined. I was looking forward to see how close the design & the final jewellery would come up in the end and I was overwhelmed and excited to see this ring, perfectly crafted and exactly I wished for. This ring has become an essential fashion item and as requested at the beginning, I could wear this for all occasions and goes well with both white & pink gold accessories."

Customer comments for the White gold and Yellow gold Diamond ring
"The whole process has been so simple, and the final result has come out perfect! My finance is thrilled with the ring, and it has been made just off a few comments of hers of what type of design she liked, and is exactly as she wanted. The ring has already proved to be strong and durable, and so I have the utmost of confidence of the craftsmanship. As for the price, I am surprised and very happy at what I paid compared to the insured replacement value."

Customer comments for the White Gold Diamond ring
"Ai Designs have created several exquisite rings, our wedding rings and recently a beautiful sparkly dress ring. I highly recommend Naoko as a designer of high quality jewellery and a very sincere, honest person to work with."

Customer comments for the cross pendant
"I had been looking for a cross-shaped diamond pendant top to go with my black diamond necklace; but it was not easy finding the right one. Naoko's design was exactly what I was looking for. Also the diamonds and the setting are excellent quality; so these two look very classy together. Now they are my favourite jewellery and I really enjoy wearing them."